About Us

“My only regret in life is that

I didn’t drink more Champagne.”

– John Maynard Keynes

Desirée Imports has been a strong supporter of great wines and liquors from small vineyards, and breweries for 5 years. Although the logistics are quite complex, and it takes a little more time to coordinate. We work diligently with a group of owners to bring great products from around the world right to your table. Amazing Bordeaux blends, one of a kind Israeli Pomegranate wines, and fresh off the glacier Canadian spirits and beer. These are just a few of the exceptional partnerships that we will continue to grow.

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Team Janine & Joel,

Janine Bombenon

Joel Bombenon



Desirée Bombenon

After many years in business leadership, what started out as a passion for fine wine turned into a business plan for Desirée Bombenon. She decided it was time to put her expertise for wine towards an effort to bring unique wines to the Canadian market. Extensive travel throughout Europe, South Africa, California and wineries in Canada found that many of the unknown wines from small vineyards were of exceptional quality. Due to smaller yields they were not picked up by the large importers and therefore not represented well in the Western Hemisphere. After becoming a sommelier in order to feel comfortable that she had a better understanding of how good wines are made, and how great grapes are grown, Desirée started working towards her vision of importing these relatively unknown gems, for the love of wine, and affordably so.